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Zfit with christine.  Darte Un Beso Choreography by Chrisitne and MoniKa.  

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Every moment of our life belongs to the present only for a moment; then it belongs for ever to the past. Every evening we are poorer by a day.

Arthur Schopenhauer
Arthur Schopenhauer - Essays and Aphorisms (Classics)Essays and Aphorisms (Classics)
(Via Ali)
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Techno cumbia!  Sharing the love for dance and fitness. 

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  • Because the sky is the limit here goes: 

    1.  Bali to experience the rich culture and beautiful landscape!!  

    2.  For the love and appreciation of dance I would absolutely love to travel around the world to gain the knowledge of many cultures authentic history,  and experience the art of dance so I could continue to teach and share it with the World! 

    3.  Palau’s Jelly fish pond!  

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Magdalenha.  Samba/hiphop mix.  

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”The worst distance between two people is misunderstanding” 


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Kill them with kindness for kindness is the language in which the deaf can hear and the blind can see

Mark Twain (via enginqueer)


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you deserve the space you are currently occupying,
the air in your lungs, the clothes on your back,
you deserve everything you have ever wanted
to be placed at your feet like an offering.
you deserve space, so much space,
room to manoeuvre and spread out and breathe.
if i could, i would bottle the stars for you.
if no one else will, then i will carve out a space for you,
use my own bare hands if i have to.
you deserve the space you occupy,
you deserve to occupy space, as much space
as you need, as you want, as you can,
you deserve to be comfortable. to be happy. to
have everything you have ever wanted placed at your feet.

- a. m. h.

inspired by this. for astoria.

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Problem Not Solved

Baffled occurrence hindering

Bewilderment still enduring

Like a puzzle to be solved

or wait…”no!” I am a telepath-I suppose?

Like the eye of the storm

Or a tsunami that washes away the debris

A huge cut and down goes the tree-

“Timber…..!” -that’s me.  

Left to nothingness

And feeling despicably deserved

Baffled, bewildered by the wrong I’ve done

Yet for reasons still unknown

-Christine Agustin

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